Making Your Ipad Useful Enough To Replace Your Laptop

People of all ages can greatly benefit from the iPad. The iPad can perform most tasks that a full-size computer can, and some that it can’t. The iPad is easy to use, but it never hurts to learn a bit more about the devices you buy. Continue perusing the piece that follows to get the tips you need.

Your folders are now supported with iOS. Tap an app and hold the icon until it jiggles. Then, drag the app onto a second app and let go. You will then have a folder with both applications together, sporting the same of the application category. You can rename the folder, if you like.

It’s simple to turn off notifications about joining Wi-Fi networks. Go to Settings and opt for the Ask to Join Network option. Once set to no, you won’t be nagged again.

If you have concerns about people accessing the …